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The Simple, Complicated Thing

Your thoughts and feelings really DO create your experience in life, it's just that there are a number of complicating factors that get in the way of our realizing this truth. These complicating factors are not insurmountable; in fact, I designed my coaching system to help people address them.

Who Benefits From Christian Counseling

There is a misconception among people that Christian counseling is only for people from a particular community. They believe that those that follow other religions than Christianity will find no benefits from the above. Unfortunately, ...

Mastering Monday Mornings

Wouldn't it be great to start Monday morning feeling like you are ahead instead of like you're playing catch-up? Here are 7 quick tips for mastering Monday morning and getting the week off to a great start.

Want to choose a profession

Childhood lasts such a short time, everybody wishes that it could last longer, but it cannot be so. The next phase of your life requires choosing a career, or at last some kind of employment so that y

Finding Insight Through Our Mistakes

Admitting that we have made a mistake is one of the most difficult acts for most human beings. Some of the steps for developing insight from our mistakes are: admitting we have made a blunder, apologizing to the injured party, forgiving yourself, moving forward with a fresh a sense of purpose, clari

Discovering Your Purpose

Discovering ones purpose is an on-going process and a choice to make when you realise that purpose is the reason for your being; your intent. As a prophetic mentor I meet so many women who are on a thirst to be fulfilled spiritually, maximise potential and operate in the fullness their purpose. In y

Spiritual Callings - How To Recognize Them

In my experience, if we have a spiritual calling, not to answer it creates unbearable inner tension. It's happened to me three times now. The first was in 1988, a few months after my Reiki Master initiation, when I was an internationally exhibiting artist, a Junior Leaguer with two young childr

Inferiority Is Consensual

The choice to accept or reject being subject to another persons will or opinions is one of the greatest single choices a human will make, often determining not only their own future, but that of those around them. Often, when faced with the choice to accept or reject a position of subjugation or dom

Five Strategies Stay-At-Home Moms Can Use To Decrease Stress

All around the globe, whether you are in the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the United States, the role that Stay-At-Home moms play is well under valued and often even their own partners do not recognise the stress they come under in running a household.However, as a stay

News On Quick Systems In Candy Crush

Warning Signs on Candy crush You Have To Know Blueberries and also other berries are a healthy healthy and most people and children love fruits too. Generally, fruits possess the highest vitamins and zero fat ...

Being Successful Online Requires Confidence

Being successful as an internet marketer in any capacity also requires you being confident in both yourself and what you're doing! Read further to see how your confidence influences your chances of succeeding as an online entrepreneur!

Space Is An Illusion Too

Space and Time are both illusions in terms of Basic Reality. They exist in our perception because we are earth creatures. Yet perception is always coloured by the position in which we are standing.

Find Out How to Declutter

A place for everything and everything in its place is that your house? Probably not but with a few simple steps you can learn how to declutter. It takes quite a bit of practice. Not only by you but your family need to get disciplined as well otherwise you are fighting an uphill battle.

How Do You Rate?

The emotionally mature person doesn't trip over the molehills of barbs, indifferences, interferences, and petty jealousies of others. He seeks a wider understanding of life, a fuller view of man's character and potentialities. He is able to sacrifice his desires in exchange for the right f

Three Reasons Why People Talk More and Listen Less

Have you noticed that many people can't remember what was said, interrupt others regularly, rarely ask genuine questions and generally have poor listening skills? The three reasons why people talk more and listen less will help you understand why some communications fail and others succeed. The

The Self Hypnosis Guide

Any self-hypnosis guide will teach you how to induce a trance in yourself and in another person. Without this skill in sharp condition you will have a very difficult time improving the lives of yourself or those around you. The ability to alter the state of mind has been something you probably have

Notice Any Dramas in Your Head

Most people use their mind in ways they are unaware of doing. Yet, mental management is the difference between depression and success. In particular, the way you think about yourself will hugely influence how you feel and how empowered you'll be. Become a Winner. Notice, own, accept and allow t