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Time Management Skills for Parents

You just spent a long day working and a longer commute home, and the first thing you want to do is relax, maybe watch the news or catch up on your favorite magazine. You are a parent, however, and there is homework to do, dirty dishes in the sink from breakfast to wash, a pet to feed, a soccer game

The Dangers of Disposable Diapers

Are Disposable Diapers Dangerous? Since their invention in the early 1960's, disposable diapers have become the leading choice for how parents diaper their babies. The days of using pins and swishing diapers in the toilet ...

Cell Phone Rules for Kids

Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty ImagesCell phone use has become commonplace for teenagers and continues to grow for younger children. Parents can teach their children that responsibility goes along with mobile privileges through a set of cell phone rules. Set limitations on when, where and...

The Census

The Census, a genealogy poem by Darlene Stevens. Also published as The Census Taker and Voices in My Heart. Light-hearted genealogy poetry.

How To Minimize The Chaotic Kitchen Chronicles Of Mealtime

If fussy eating were a sport, would your baby be the title winner? If you are nodding up and down with a heavy sigh, then you are not alone. Almost all the parents out there have to lose to their children who consistently take the first place in the game called "you can't make me eat that&

8 Reasons to Buy Personalised Baby Gifts

A personalised gift will not be passed on to another child or given away. The gift will be kept as a treasured keepsake and maybe shown to their own children.

Protecting Your Newborn From Lead Poisoning

After nine long months of waiting for the new addition to your family, your baby finally arrives. You bring your child home from hospital to the space that you have created for him or her, and your family can take the time to relax and bond with the newborn. However, if your baby is exposed to lead

Hello Motherhood... Bye Bye Style...

Once upon a time having a baby meant kissing goodbye to anything remotely stylish. As soon as that cute little bump began to show out came the floral tents, or, if you were a bit ...

Sites of the Day for May 2009

Looking for somewhere good to surf? Stop by here first for a daily destination of interest to parents of children with special needs, to parents in general, or to anyone looking for diversion. The sites listed here were featured in May 2009.

Freedom and Responsibility for the Adolescent: Separating From Parents

Adolescence is a difficult time, for both the adolescent him or herself, and for their parents, as well. Sometimes it seems your precious child has been abducted and replaced by a foul-mouthed, insolent alien, sprouting hair in odd places, no less, if you're lucky enough to have a son. But the

5 Steps to Internet Safety For Kids

The Internet is a part of everyone's lives and kids are no exception. For every kid that uses the Internet, they probably have 10 friends that are also online. But the Internet exposes kids to certain dangers, and information that has no benefit to them and in fact can be harmful. Here are 5 co

Consider These Baby Shower Planning Ideas and Tips

Baby showers are celebration of life, of the arrival of a newborn family member. Showers are normally hosted by friends of the mother to-be and are basically done to give gifts and blessings to the parents and to the baby. It can be done a month or two before the baby is born or right after the baby

Activities for Two & Three Year Olds for Black History Month

While toddlers and preschoolers may seem young for history lessons, they do understand some if you teach Black History Month by incorporating crafts, songs and stories that young children can comprehend. When planning your curriculum, choose activities that the children will find...

Fun Family Activities

Many activities are fun and appropriate for families.game image by Jo?¡êo Freitas from Fotolia.comFun family activities incorporate all members of the family and challenge them physically or mentally. Fun and engaging activities can bring the entire family together, which is often rare...

Foods Fussy Toddlers Love

Toddlers love their independence. Around a child's first birthday, you may notice a change in his eating habits. He may have devoured a certain food before, but now he wants nothing to do with it. This is perfectly normal. Every child is different, especially when it comes to food. Feeding a fussy t