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Mansoon Food

Post the season of scorching heat which left us all enervated, comes the Monsoon as an appreciation gift for enduring it all! And when it's the Mumbai Monsoon which has been romanticized for years by ...

How to Butcher a Sirloin

The hindquarter of a cow is the choicest part of meat and contains everything from T-bone to filet mignon to sirloin. The sirloin itself is divided into three types of steak: tenderloin, bottom sirloin and top sirloin. Containing some of the most tender and tasty meat in beef, the sirloin is also qu

How to Cure a Craving!

Cravings are the killer of all diets. There is a way around them, and I will show you how.

Vegetarian Fried Crunchy Okra

Crunchy okra is a vegetarian dish. Okra is slimy. Some folks don't object to this characteristic and stewed okra with tomatoes and squash is popular with some Southerners. Dip okra pieces in buttermilk mixture; dredge in cracker crumb mixture. Okra is also a popular pickle and, as such, is not

Lighting a Charcoal BBQ Grill

Summertime is when family and friends gather around the backyard BBQ Grill for good food and fun. Always remember safety comes first when lighting up the Charcoal.

Video: Making Orange Mint Hot Chocolate

Video Transcript Here¡¯s some of the ingredients that we need in order to make this delicious treat; three pieces of chocolate, some cinnamon, a little bit of salt, one cup of milk, some orange juice and of course a peppermint. To get this recipe started the first thing we have to do...

How to Store Baking Soda Long-Term

Not only does baking soda cause batter to rise when baked, it can also be used as an effective cleaning agent and odor eliminator. When implemented in certain ways, baking soda will make your teeth cleaner, your hair shinier and may be used as a home remedy for indigestion. Because of its many benef

Simple Hummus Dip Ingredients

Hummus dip is one of the exciting variations that kitchen lovers and those that like to try out new recipes would love to follow. This dish is popular for those that like to bring in this kind of a meal either as an appetizer or as a main meal. In this article, we will share with you what you need i

Cooking- Preparing To Cook With Your Kids

Before you begin your cooking adventure with your kids, here are a few tips to get your kids comfortable in the kitchen. These tips can help your kids become safe and responsible cooks. Once they ...

The Mashing Process For Beer Brewing

Mashing is a process in beer brewing of using grains to add flavor, color, and fermentable sugars to your beer. It is like steeping, but steeping does not add the sugars. These processes give more flavor options in beer brewing and allow the home brewer the ability to exert more control over their b

What Kind of Wine is Made in the UK?

The production of wine is predominantly known in the warmer regions of countries such as France, Italy and Spain. However, the UK has a variety of excellent wines to offer despite having the odds of ...

Fun Facts About Sushi and Japanese Food

Japanese cultures have evolved greatly over time with influences from all over the world. The culture is not only about dedicated cultural members practicing traditions, but it brings some amazing food to the table. What ...

What Kind of Cheese Can You Use in a Pastry Swirl With Spinach?

Pastry swirls with spinach are delicious and easy-to-handle appetizers at dinner parties or big events. These pinwheel-like treats typically feature a layer of cheese, herbs and spinach rolled between layers of flaky puff pastry. There is no right or wrong cheese to put in a pastry swirl, but some m

What makes up a good sustainable breakfast?

Basdew Rooplal [] Office: 032 5513624 Cell: 082 9273642 Fax: 032 5513624 For more product info, visit [] Why eating Breakfast is important? Are you always feeling tired and drained? Skipping breakfast can hav

Video: How to Make a Purple Lobster Drink With Crown Royal & Pineapple Juice

Video Transcript Hello, I'm Chef Jennifer Booker, the owner and Executive Chef of Your Resident Gourmet. Today, I'm going to show you how to make a cocktail called a purple lobster drink with Crown Royal and pineapple juice. Here are your ingredients: crushed ice in a shaker, raspberry...

Teaposy Tea Balls

Teaposy, The Brand A relatively new company, Teaposy began in 2005, when the founders brought in a kettle and a few teaposies to a Rochester, NY gift shop. Flocking customers had them heading out to ...

A Good Breakfast in Dubai

Feeling hungry? Wondering where to have a good breakfast Dubai? With three convenient locations at Souk Al Bahar (Downtown Dubai), Dukkan Al Manzil (Downtown Dubai), and Marina Promenade (Dubai Marina), we are opened from 8 ...