How to Cut Bangs on Curly Hair

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How to Fix a Sun Faded Satin Dress

Satin, like many other materials can fade with age and sunlight exposure. Fixing the color of a satin dress involves dyeing the material back to the original color. This is not necessarily something that needs done professionally. The process does not take long and is straightforward. With a little

Gemma Ward: Model Mess

Ever wonder how beautiful people with clothes by any designer they want and professional stylists still seem to flub it up so badly? We do too! Find out more with our 10 Celebrity Fashion Don'ts.

Aging and the Various Remedies at Hand

Anti-aging supplements can help you out in that regard. To garner bountiful energy and to remain disease free is every person's long term goal. To put it in other words, just to have a chance

How to Eliminate Dark Eye Circles & Puffy Eyes

Have you ever woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror and some pretty noticeable dark eye circles were peering back at you? Or, the sleep has not quite left your face yet and those darn puffy eyes stare back at you, mocking your morning routine. And you full know that you will have to now sp

How to Wash a Cashmere Sweater

Instead of sending your cashmere sweater to the dry cleaner, wash it! Many people don't realize that cashmere can be hand-washed, and that such care will prolong the life of the garment.

How to Tie Indian Saris

By learning how to properly tie a sari, you can transform a simple 4- to 9-yard strip of cloth into the elegant traditional outfit worn by women throughout India. Beneath the sari, you'll need a petticoat and a blouse called a choli. These should either be of the same material and color as the sari,

Sparkle Manicure

Sparkly manicures, harem pants and dressy shorts. Are these 2010 fashion trends you'd wear? Vote now.

Pre-Teen Hairstyles

As a pre-teen, you'll probably want to express yourself through your hair and clothes. Fortunately, whatever you do to your hair is only temporary, so even if you (or your parents) don't like your new haircut, it can always grow out. There are numerous ways you can cut and style your hair, but speak

Characteristics of Lambskin Leather

All real leather is made from the hide of animals. The type of animal the hide comes from determines many of its characteristics while others are determined by the curing, dying and sewing processes. Lambskin leather is used a great deal in fashion, and is made into gloves, jackets, pants and other

How to Do a Pedicure at Home

Pedicures have a cosmetic appeal. Doing pedicures at home are a great money saver, can be fun when done with a group of friends and, with some practice, can replicate the results of the professionals. Here's how.

Dermascope Pore Image Analysis

Dermatoscopy refers to the examination of skin by dermatologists and skin care professionals using a dermatoscope (also known as dermoscope and dermascope), which typically consists of a magnifier and a light source. The newest dermatoscopes feature bright LED lights around the edge of the magnifyin

How to Extend Your Hair Color

If your hair color fade has you ready to pull your hair out, check out these must have products and tips designed to extend your color and keep it bright until your next trip to the salon.

What's a Mood Ring?

How do mood rings work, and what do mood ring colors mean? We'll explain what makes a mood ring change colors, and tell you what the different colors indicate.

How to Loosen Tight Shoes

After nabbing a great deal on a pair of shoes at a sale, it can be devastating to go home and figure out that they don't fit as well as you thought they would. Tight shoes can cause foot pain and unsightly corns and bunions. But you can easily stretch your shoes at home with a little effort. With so

Acne Care for Sensitive Skin

When you have a combination of sensitive skin and acne, you may feel like you have a huge problem to face. However, if there is a problem, there are solutions. Acne is more difficult to deal with if you have sensitive skin, but there are plenty of things to do so the problem can be cleared up.