Discovering Your Purpose

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Discovering ones purpose is an on-going process and a choice to make when you realise that purpose is the reason for your being; your intent.
As a prophetic mentor I meet so many women who are on a thirst to be fulfilled spiritually, maximise potential and operate in the fullness their purpose.
In years past, as a single woman with no family responsibilities, discovering my purpose was my goal.
I remember my pastor a well-known leader mentioned during one of his Sunday sermons that "you don't have to beg God for anything, all you need to do is to ask God to show you your purpose and everything you need on earth to operate in your purpose is already there waiting for you".
That comment changed my life and my mind-set forever and since then my purpose is to empower women to discover, and operate in their own purpose by creating wealth form their own resources.
My process in discovering my own purpose didn't happen overnight, it has and is still a process, and being single at the time made me pour myself full on in God and move forward in my Christian walk to know the reason for my own existence, and in the process of life's development, I discerned it and started operating in it, 'SOUNDS SIMPLE DOESN'T IT!!! Well, I thought so until I was blessed with a husband and 5 years on two lovely children, and then I realised that the search in discovering your life's purpose doesn't mean you leave a family you've been blessed with behind, everything including the family are part of your purpose.
At that point I realised that my role as wife, mother, mentor and minister all play a part in fulfilling my life's purpose.
There are so many women that I've met who live very busy lifestyles, as wife, mother, working and or business women and lest I forget, the weekly support they give to their church activities; with all this in mind, how is a woman encouraged to discover her own life's purpose? How are we encouraged amidst our busy lifestyle to seek God in spirit and in truth to discover the purpose we were created for; the purpose that our life's existence is dependent on even when we've been blessed with the role of mother, wife, working woman etc.
Discovering purpose is a 'spiritual process' you may have the skills, gifts and talents, however the potential in using all of your abilities, to fulfil your life purpose in the place where you will make an impact is a spiritual revelation, and requires a re-arrangement of your lifestyle, to accommodate the process.
It's a re alignment of your values and belief systems in your present season of change to accommodate where you're going.
Look at it this way when you were younger you had certain values that defined your lifestyle; a set of systems of belief that you lived by and unless otherwise, you wouldn't change them for anything or anybody.
For some of us our values where defined by our parents, the way we behave, what to say, what our principles are etc.
All have been defined for us by generations past.
Some have changed this as we've grown and matured and some are still living with values and principles defined for them by others.
Let me put it this way, it's like wearing spotted socks as a child and now that you've grown into a mature woman, you're still wearing spotted socks, even though they no longer suit you or where you're going.
The same applies in discovering our life's purpose; one must consider what's important in achieving this against what is no longer working for you.
For example one of the ladies on the leadership mentoring for purpose programme, realised in module 1 that she needed to re arrange her lifestyle to make more time for God.
Not that she wasn't hearing or wasn't praying; just that moving onto another level in taking hold of her purpose and how to use everything she has learnt over time, including discovering her spiritual gifts and how to use them for who she's meant to use them for, she had to make out more time to hear instructions from the Holy Spirit.
Her background as a corporate account trained her in a strict regime of routine.
However, when she started a family, she didn't want her children growing under such a routine.
This didn't mean that her household was out of structure, it just meant that she didn't want a routine lifestyle for her children where they were so limited.
She wanted her children to have the freedom within limits, to do things to bring out their creativity.
When she registered on the programme she saw the sense in rearranging her lifestyle and introduced a bed-time curfew (something she wasn't strict about) for everyone including her eighteen month old, who was used to going to bed when she went to bed.
This basic step of rearranging her whole lifestyle, afforded her time with God, and the change alone has uplifted her, she's in process and has a clear direction from the Holy Spirit in connecting her to discern God's light directing her to her life's purpose, and it has helped.
Everything that we do in life can lead us to our life's purpose.
The challenge is to discover how it can actually be used and that is the work of the Holy Spirit, and it's important to avail yourself of His help.
The second example of a lady who came on the programme had a multilingual gift, she could speak about five languages, I consider this not only a skill but a gift, a great gift.
When she attended the programme she didn't know how she could use her languages to fulfil her purpose, the programme helped her to realise that she should be in the right location, and for her it was to work for the United Nations as a Human Rights Consultant, at least she knew where her location should be, and as a single mother with two children, she knew she had to rearrange her lifestyle to make way for her spiritual walk, this process developed a deeper trust in God that would prepare her for the journey.
Eventually she relocated to Africa for three years, where she was able to use her languages.
Her Children also grew individually in their relationship with God.
Today she is a Diplomat for the Human Rights department for the government in a West African Country, where she is creating policies to favour youths.
Looking back she realised that she needed to rearrange her lifestyle to have time with God, so that he could establish a certain level of trust in Him for her journey.
She travels to Geneva, New York and Africa, where there is a need to use her languages.
If you have a desire to fulfil your life purpose and to be used as an influence in your environment, your world, and to maximise the abilities in you, definitely requires a change from you, a rearrangement of your home and your work life.
Your family won't suffer, they're part of your purpose; your work certainly won't miss you, they've helped in adding the extra ingredients that you need to reach your purpose.
Everything around you is waiting for you to take the step.
You'll be surprised how everything will fall in as you make steps to achieving your life purpose, when you're in purpose everything connected to you will be in your purpose.
Purpose is NOT your career; it's simply more than your career.
It's about your life and the lives connected to yours.
2012' is a New Year and with every change it requires you changing to embrace the eternal changes that will benefit you.
  1. Recognise your season and move in it.
    Every new season comes with a set of new principles, when you understand what season you're in and what is required from you, chances are you will learn and apply a principle that will create new opportunities, for you and for seasons waiting for you to walk in.
  2. Do away with old ideas that are not bearing fruit.
    There are new ideas waiting for you to mature and embrace.
  3. Introduce God time.
    We all pray, fast, worship etc.
    But God time requires a lot more communing, intimacy, dedication.
    The way you introduce me time or your spouse time or children time, introduce God time, He's probably waiting for you to turn up the dial for a deeper walk with Him so He can instruct you on the way to go.
    Truth is we're so busy doing things for God; we don't have time to wait on Him.
  4. Get ready to journal your new experiences.
    It's possible that your experiences could reveal patterns; an indication of your life's purpose.
  5. As a mother start praying about your children's purpose.
    This will not only get you God's time, but will also make you more conscious about leaving a legacy for them to continue with.
  6. Finally, enjoy the process moving and fulfilling your life's purpose.
    2012 brings the opportunity of operating on a new level, and in a new dimension and to do this means letting go of the old values, principles and systems of belief and moving with God's Principles.
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