Clutter and Hoarding - 5 Secrets to Cleaning Out a Storage Unit

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The bodacious hat your Aunt Mildred wore to Abraham Lincoln's inauguration, the shriveled up banana peel you secretly took out of Ringo Starr's trash can, Elvis Presley's handkerchief,...
these are some of the things you may be hoarding in your money-draining, storage unit..
But you are ready to clean it out and get rid of it.
What are some pleasant storage unit cleaning secrets?Read on my friends.
Wearing Your Lucky Hat Clean out your storage unit wearing your lucky hat.
As you work, with great enthusiasm you can say, "Wow!Cleaning out my storage unit feels fun wearing my lucky hat!" Having fun makes it easier to work.
Making Extra Money Here's another secret.
Sell your stuff at a garage sale or on e-Bay.
Make money for it.
Who knows?Ellen Degeneres might buy it.
She does that kind of thing you know...
Save Money Imagine how much MORE money you'll have by emptying out your storage unit.
You'll no longer need to pay that monthly rent.
Hey, you can invest that extra money in show pigeons! Get A Sense of Fulfillment Feel fulfilled emptying out that storage unit.
Imagine this...
you see yourself confidently opening up the door of the storage unit.
You say, "Unit, I've had it.
You no longer have any power over me.
You are a STORAGE UNIT!I am in control here.
"Then, as you continue to imagine yourself confronting the storage unit, see the picture of the stuff inside suddenly shrink down to micro size.
Picture yourself feeling deeply fulfilled and happy you finally cleaned out that storage unit once and for all.
You realize that any feeling of procrastination about cleaning out the storage unit was all in your mind.
But that's all in the past now.
Now, you see the value of a cleaned out and released storage unit.
Good for you! Finally Free The last secret to cleaning out a storage unit is finally feeling free.
Envision yourself free...
free to go on vacation and come home with happy memories instead of clutter-heavy souvenirs you really feel no desire to have.
Free of paying the storage bills.
Picture yourself living in a clutter free home and comfortably moving around your home.
Hear yourself say, "I feel like the wisest person in the world cleaning out my storage unit.
Now I shall be able to be the REAL me...
the one that is free of the clutter habit forever.
That feels good.
Go to your storage unit now.
Reach in and pull out that stuff.
Wear your lucky hat.
Make that extra money.
Save yourself some money by releasing that storage unit once and for all.
Feel that wonderful sense of fulfillment.
finally free!
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