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Childhood lasts such a short time, everybody wishes that it could last longer, but it cannot be so. The next phase of your life requires choosing a career, or at last some kind of employment so that you can become a useful member of society. This presents some difficulties. Some people are not inclined towards any career in particular. Some people know exactly what they want to do in future, but most of people do not. They actually have no idea what sort of job they would like to do. Some people opt for a career in order to not displease their parents. At that very movement you are very puzzled and that is obvious. This problem can suitably handle if you come to me and provide your birth details. There is a solution to your entire problem in Vedic astrology, which profession is suitable for you, and where you will get satisfaction while doing your job. Have faith on me as "In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind for those who don't."

Our world is more sophisticated and varied; more challenging and promising than ever before. As our lifestyles have changed, so have the number of professions increased. In the past, when societies were small and simple, the question of choosing a profession rarely arose. People chose their profession according to their family status, and the traditions of the communities into which they were born. Later, as societies, developed and with industrialization, large numbers of people were required to work, which created a large number of professions like automation, management etc.

Apart from this you have a list of professions like teaching, banker, doctor, soldier, writer, interior decorator, artist, engineer and so on. Unfortunately the hippies seem to have faded from the scene. We still choose a profession on the basis of our performance either in school or in the university. This tendency is really unwise and insufficient, because aptitude or liking for a profession can hardly be related to the marks obtained in a qualifying examination. For example good knowledge of mathematics is not a sufficient indication to train as an engineer. The ability to imagine, conceptualise and innovation is more important for an engineer than to solve complex problems.

So I will say only one thing that the key to a successful choice of one's profession is in the assessment of one's capabilities. However, it should be noted that talents do not always relate to define professions. Talents can be developed only by interest and practice. Choosing a profession is a very important exercise, because it decides our future. No profession should be considered as exalted or despicable in relation to the others, because professions can never be true indications of a person's dignity or character.

As a true Vedic astrologer and your guide I will tell you that there is no conflict between free will and determination. Life is both. It is like a game of cards. You have no control over the hands that is dealt you. The hand corresponds to determination; the way you play the cards corresponds to free will. Life is a curve –not a straight line. If you have a person who can guide you in your curved life and tell the correct and legitimate way to choose any thing in your life, you can achieve your desired goal in your life. Have faith in me and my Vedic astrological thoughts, because faith has to do with things that are not seen, and hope with things that are not in our hand. I will analyse your birth chart in a number of ways. For most of your mental and analytical capability, I will read the Dasha and Gochar that you are running. A careful study on the profession you can eventually choose is read and then it is amalgamated with your personality and finally compared to the extent of education. I will guide you through the most effective Vedic remedial measures which can lessen if not eradicate the problems you are facing or you are supposed to encounter. You will get a step by step remedial methodology which can be adopted by you easily in your daily routine. You will also get your detailed report for the next five years and your detailed birth chart.
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