Power Walking to the Finish Line!

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Last month I participated in a half marathon in Raleigh, NC, where I live.
It was called Raleigh Rocks, with rock bands playing all along the route, entertaining both runners and spectators.
If you would have mentioned several years ago that I would run a half marathon, I would have told you that you were crazy.
That's be­cause at the time I wasn't a runner.
In fact, the most I had probably run was about a mile and I was pretty much sucking wind every step of the way.
The thought of running 13.
1 miles was unimaginable.
That's the funny thing about life.
It opens up a lot of opportuni­ties; many times you just have to be open for the possibilities.
My training started about three years ago when I began working out with my friend, Lisabeth.
We both wanted to get in shape and, for some reason, the subject came up about triathlons.
It's difficult to remember who actually came up with the idea.
But we both agreed it was something we wanted to do and we started training for our first triathlon, Ramblin' Rose in Chapel Hill, NC.
After that one, we were hooked and have been doing them ever since.
The half marathon was another goal that I decided I wanted to ac­complish.
My first half marathon was last November and I was very pleased with my performance, fin­ishing in 2 hours and 24 minutes.
Unfortunately at the Raleigh Rocks event, I didn't do as well.
Even though I didn't finish the race as I had hoped to, I learned some valuable lessons on the way.
At about 4 miles into the race, my knee started hurting.
I could run, but there was some pain down my left leg and into my knee.
I was able to keep running but a little slower than I had wanted.
When I got to about 6 1/2 miles, I took a minute break from running and began walking.
When I started running again, I couldn't lift my leg without extreme pain.
Running was simply out of the question.
I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do.
I was a little over half way to the finish so I had to cover that distance somehow.
I continued to walk without a lot of pain.
I actu­ally realized I could even walk fast.
I couldn't lift my leg forward but I could lift it from my inner thigh without any problem.
The only drawback was that I looked pretty strange walking...
somewhat like a duck waddling.
So for the next 6 1/2 miles I power walked to the finish line, a little clumsily, but I made it.
Along the way, I got to thinking.
I really had planned on finishing a little better than my last race.
What I hadn't planned on was an obstacle, my bum leg, to get in the way of doing this.
It's the same with business and with life in general.
We make plans, we consider the obstacles, we think through contingencies.
But in most cases, what really happens is the unexpected...
How we handle these bumps in the road is crucially important to our success.
I had a couple of options.
I could stop and ask for a ride back to the finish line.
Or I could change my game plan and power walk instead.
I finished the race in 3 hours.
My friends met me before the finish line and didn't know whether to be worried because I was so late or laugh at how I was waddling.
Here are some things to consider as you make your own plans: Always Make Goals It's critical to make goals for yourself.
Without them we wouldn't accomplish anything out of the or­dinary.
What type of goals have you been wanting to make? Anticipate Obstacles When you're making your goals, think about any obstacles that may get in your way as you try to accom­plish them.
Many of these set-backs can be avoided with proper plan­ning.
Adapt to The Situation When an unexpected problem arises, adapt to the situation.
Don't give up entirely.
There usually is a solution that will help you achieve your goal but maybe a little differ­ently than you had anticipated.
Enjoy Your Achievement Whatever your results, enjoy them.
You have put in the effort, you have adapted to the unex­pected, and you have accomplished your goal.
It's this type of behavior that truly makes you a successful person.
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