Strive To Become the Best of Yourself

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Accept in life the things that helps you become the best of yourself.
Anything that tears you down, belittles you, disrespects you and make you feel worse about yourself, those are not the things that you should accept into your life.
You are the gatekeeper of your life, therefore, you and only you are responsible for what and who is in your life.
What you accept into your life is a decision that only you can make.
No one should be able to force their way into your life and force you to accept things that do not serve you well.
Your life is your domain.
In order to become the best of one's self, become better than who we were yesterday, last year, ten years ago, it is imperative that we take stock of where we are in our life periodically.
Is our thoughts, behaviour, beliefs, values and passions in alignment with each other? Are there any areas in our life that we have been ignoring? When we fail to take stock of all areas of our life, chances are we will end up in situations that will serve as a swift kick to our buts to remind us that we have been slacking off in certain areas of our life and our growth.
Do not blame yourself if you find that you have been ignoring parts of yourself.
Use this opportunity to bring those areas in alignment with the other areas of your life.
Becoming the best of yourself means taking leadership over your own life.
If we are ignoring ourselves then we will be shortchanging those who we desire to serve.
To fully serve others we need to give them our full selves.
Remember, you cannot serve every single person on this planet.
Where you are in your life others may not be there.
Not everyone will be receptive to your message and that's okay.
When you strive to be the best of yourself, you won't feel slighted when others do not accept your message or don't believe in you or in what you are saying.
That's okay.
Focus on those that are ready for the message that you have to offer.
The more you seek to better serve others, the more you will work on becoming the best of yourself.
You know that just as how you had benefitted from the words of encouragement and motivation from others, you can bring the same motivation and encouragement to others who are where you once were.
Everything that you experience in life is preparing you to better serve others.
You can now better relate to what they are going through because you once were where they are now.
Everything that comes into or occurs in your life is there to knock out any deep fear you have been holding on to.
The kind of fear that prevents you from believing in yourself and what you have to offer the world.
A few years ago I had experienced a major loss in my life and it left me reeling from the pain, feeling empty and despondent.
I had already experienced some heavy stuff in my life and I thought I was past all that.
So I couldn't understand why I suffered such a loss.
I couldn't understand why God was punishing me (or so I thought) with such a huge loss after I had been a faithful servant all my life.
A male friend of mine was able to bring me back to my purpose and away from the pain.
He said, "Trudy-Ann, maybe you are going through all this so you can better understand what others are going through and you will now be able to help them better from your heart and your soul".
Wow, it was like the heavens opened and a floodgate of lights washed over me.
There I was getting lost in my deep pain and here comes someone telling/reminding me how I could use my deep pain and loss to help others.
Instantly I felt a calm come over me and the pain lessened.
Now, this is not to say that you should ignore your pain and focus on how to help others alone.
What you are going through is important, however, when we can see a way through the pain, then nothing could be better.
The more we seek ways to better help others, the more we heal ourselves.
Go through the physical issues of that pain, feel your feelings, get it out of you.
Do not bottle it up inside of you.
Speak to someone who can hold you and what you are going through in a space of healing, love and support.
Do what is necessary to help you take better care of you.
Not everyone can handle what you are going through, so lovingly remove yourself from others while you focus on your healing and your becoming better in yourself.
Every day is a new day in which we can look within ourselves to see how best we can move our lives forward.
As long as we have breath in our lungs we can take leadership over our lives.
If you find yourself being involved in things that takes you away from your healing and from your spiritual growth and development, then it is time to take the focus back to you and your life.
Forgive yourself for losing your way and for stepping away from your life.
Beating up yourself and getting angry with yourself for getting involved with things that took you away from you will not serve any positive purpose.
Realize that you handled things with the emotional tools you had at that time, make peace with who you were and what you went through.
It's now time to get back to you.
You had the experience, you had the living you felt you had missed out on and now it's time to forgive yourself for what you did, for what you didn't do, for what you thought and for the love you had denied yourself.
You can always turn your life around from any situation.
You are not a victim, you are a warrior.
So if you want to turn your life around and become the best of yourself, it is now time to get up and revive your inner warrior.
Love yourself as you begin the journey back to yourself.
Recognize the areas in you that needs more loving attention.
Regularly take breaks from working on yourself, you do not want to overwhelm yourself.
Get up and dance, paint, write a short story or poem.
Incorporate the things you are passionate about, the things that brings passion to your life.
Those are the things that will keep you calm and help to motivate you in your journey to becoming the best of yourself.
Wishing You a Happy Journey.
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