Psychological Personality Tests- Ideal Tool To Test Skills

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Generally, psychological tests refer to a method used to gauge the behavioral, emotional, and cognitive features of a person who undergoes the testing procedure. Nowadays, they have become widespread across various industrial domains, especially in
the fields like Information Technology, BPOs firms etc. Such are utilized to reveal the personality profiles as well as skill descriptions that would assist the firms to employ the apt candidate for a specific job. Normally, the human resources wing in most of the institutions is entrusted with the task of administering these psychological personality tests.
Moreover, the personality test is generally employed to assess the style of an individuals personality for the purpose of clinical or forensic evaluations. Certain clinical tests are made use of to gauge some particular personality traits within the individual with reference to the state of mind such as depression or anxiety state of mind. Given below are some of the widely used personality tests:
  • Cognitive tests

These tests are administered to determine or forecast an individuals mental skills. In other words, they help to identify the persons ability to solve problems creatively and quickly, in addition to judge the persons concentration as well as memory power. Some of the cognitive tests encompass neuropsychological tests. Popular varieties of these tests are the Bender-Gestalt-II, WMS-IV WAIS-IV, Stanford- Binet V and so on.
  • Behavioral tests

These assessments are built up, based on the report of persons who know the individual who is assessed or based on the direct observation of the assessor. Often this is used along with an IQ test to measure the likelihood of mental retardation in a person or his developmental incapability. Example of such behavioral assessment is the Vineland-II Adaptive Behavior Scales. This test is used very commonly by applied behavioral analysts for the treatment of advanced behavior issues among the developmentally incapacitated persons or those who are mentally ill severely.
  • Achievement tests

These tests are designed to measure an individuals performance in reading or writing skill. It is essential to bear in mind that the outcome will be partially linked to the person's cognitive skill, because knowledge tests generally have some reasoning skill as well.
It is essential tom keep in mind that the quality of the psychological personality tests greatly depends on many things like the proper design of the tests by well qualified professionals and should undergo validation to check its reliability, prior to administration.
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