Becoming Your Best Self - Doing it For Love (To Show Love, Not to Get Love)

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There are many different reasons why we do things in our work environment, but I find that when it comes to personal behavior there is a much narrower range of motivations.
Generally, we do personal things (lose weight, learn a language, do the laundry, anything you can think of) either for ourselves or for others.
When we do it for ourselves, the whole world says "Yea!".
But when we do it for others, someone always tells us it isn't okay.
That we shouldn't be doing anything for others, but for ourselves.
The need to take care of ourselves has become more critical as our world becomes more and more hectic.
We are often reminded that, in the event of an airplane crash, we need to put our own mask on and then make sure our children have theirs own.
We cannot care for our loved ones if we're out of commission.
I've been thinking about this a lot because I've recently realized that there are things that I do because I love my husband and that feels right.
What I've come to understand is that it's okay to use others for motivation as long as we do the thing to SHOW our love and not to GET love.
See the difference? Look at your own motives.
When you're doing it "for" others, clarify whether it's to show or get love.
If it's to get love, recognize that it is impossible to make anyone love you.
Change your focus to doing it for yourself or for showing love.
(Feel free to contact me if you need help doing this.
) If it's to show love, relax.
You're doing just fine!
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