Five Goals a Day - How It Helps You to Live a Balanced Life in Harmony With Your Values

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The first step towards living a more balanced life in harmony with your values is to find out what your values are.
What is most important in your life? What do you want to focus your life on? Select five different areas of your life that are most important to you.
It could for example be family, friends, health, contributing to your community, and your spirituality.
Once you know what the five most important things in your life are, you can start to set one goal in each of these life areas every day.
For example, if family is one of the five most important things in your life, your goal for the day could be to hug each family member.
The goals do not have to be big or difficult.
They should simply be something that makes you feel like you are "on track" in each area of your life.
You can set your daily goals while you are eating breakfast, or at some other time that is convenient to you.
Write down the goals on a small piece of paper.
As you accomplish these goals during the day you can cross them out.
By the end of the day you will have achieved five brilliant goals.
In one week you will have made 35 good deeds! That's 1825 goals accomplished in one year! Setting and achieving five goals a day in this way will help you to make sure that you spend your life on what is most important to you.
You will not fall into the trap of neglecting one important value while spending all your time and energy on something else.
Your life will be balanced and you will live in harmony with what is most important in your life.
Liv Miyagawa - The Self-Esteem Coach
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