Path to Prosperity: Feed Your Eyes and Ears With Abundance

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Choosing specific audio and video media expands your capacity to attract Abundance into your life.
In a world that constantly bombards eyes and ears with an overwhelming amount of unplanned and most times unwanted information it takes persistent conscious effort everyday to keep your focus positive and on what you want in your life.
Radio, television and the internet put out an ample supply of unplanned messages throughout our day.
The news focuses on the negative more than the positive.
Multiple advertisers' stir up our fears and attempt to stake claim on a portion of our income in exchange for their product, service or cause.
In the end, you can be left disheartened and exhausted with it all.
So what can you do to consistently support and expand your Path to Prosperity? Feed your eyes and ears uplifting information.
Watch and listen to programs that are educational & informational- In the era of iPods, Netflix and Hulu.
com you can certainly plan what you watch and listen to rather than to being a victim to what is on.
Choose entertainment that makes you laugh- Laughter is the best medicine.
Countless research demonstrates how laughter reduces stress, raises your mood and enhances healing.
Living a prosperous life is experiencing ample amounts of satisfaction and fulfillment...
laughter sets the stage for exactly that.
Listen to music that makes you want to dance, smile or feel inspired- I attended a concert which featured an incredible musician, Daniel Nahmod.
His music and lyrics are nothing short of inspiring and moving.
Whatever you listen to be sure that you feel your body starting to spontaneously move and you just keep from smiling from the inside out.
Support your greatest heart's desires with visualization audios- If you are on the Path to Prosperity, visualization is one of the most powerful things you can do to charge up your heart's desires.
One of the most well-known visualization studies was done by Russian scientists with their Olympic athletes.
There were 4 different groups with the following training schedules: Group 1 - 100% physical training Group 2 - 75% physical training with 25% mental training Group 3 - 50% physical training with 50% mental training Group 4 - 25% physical training with 75% mental training Group 4, with 75% of their time devoted to mental training, performed the best.
"The Soviets had discovered that mental images can act as a prelude to muscular impulses.
" This study demonstrates the strong influence of mental training or visualization.
What are you visualizing by default? What are you focusing on? Upgrade your performance and results for a Prosperous life with specialized visualization audios or videos.
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