The Self Hypnosis Guide

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Any self-hypnosis guide will teach you how to induce trance in yourself and in another person.
Without this skill in sharp condition you will have a very difficult time improving the lives of yourself or those around you.
The ability to alter the state of mind has been something you probably have been reading about and possibly thinking about practicing for some time now.
If this is true then the next logical step will be to learn some trance induction skills.
To do this you must take any skills you may have learned and keep them as fresh in your mind as possible.
You will be able to use some of these skills in trance induction as you learn to broaden your horizons in this area.
For now you should focus on the basics of becoming a good Conversational Hypnotist.
There is a 4 Stage Protocol that will give you the important and basic specifics for inducing a hypnotic trance.
These skills and tips will nearly guarantee you the ability to send your subject and those around you into hypnotic trances.
The 4 Stage Protocol is really the meat and potatoes of getting someone into a hypnotic trance.
This set of rules or concepts contains all you need in order to create hypnotic trance in yourself or in another person.
The first step is to Absorb Attention.
No matter what hypnotic effect or process you want to do you must always first absorb their attention.
Without the attention of your listener you will not be able to continue in the area of inducing a trance.
So make sure to practice getting people's attention.
The second stage in the 4 Stage Protocol is a very important one, Bypass the Critical Factor.
The critical factor is the part of the conscious mind that criticizes and analyzes all the information being sent in from outside sources.
It is imperative to make any type of progress with the betterment of life that you bypass the critical factor.
The third stage is to activate an Unconscious Response.
This is simply getting any type of unconscious response from the person.
It can be any of the signals found in the signal recognitions system, an emotion or reaction to your suggestion that is communicated from an unconscious mind level.
A change in breathing, blinking and so on, as long as it is unconscious.
This is important because without attaining the unconscious response you will have a difficult time getting your desired outcome.
The fourth and final stage in the 4 Stage Protocol is leading the Unconscious Response to a Desired Result.
When you recognize the different signals or unconscious responses you must take them and lead them into your desired result.
That result can be a thought process, action, idea or anything you want that will help in the person's goals of life change.
Once you can learn this 4 Stage Protocol you will be one step closer to performing self-hypnosis and also performing hypnosis on another person.
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