Escape From Fears And Yearnings By Living In The Now

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Many people struggle with two main things in life: Fear and Yearning. Fear can come from bad experiences in the past that we fear will repeat. Fear can also arise from considering the potential loss of the things we value or cherish. This could be a job, a house, a reputation, or a loved one. Yearning, on the other hand, may stem from pleasurable experiences in the past that ignite our desire for more, or from goals as yet unobtained, that we believe will bring us pleasure.

Unfortunately, what is missing as people bounce back and forth between these relentless fears and insatiable desires is the wonders and pleasures of the present moments that are passing them by.

People suffer when they get stuck in their fears and yearnings. But is this suffering inevitable? No, there is a way to break free from this. We need to work towards quieting the relentless fears and desires that ravage us throughout our lives. When we learn to be 100% present with what is happening now, our suffering ends and we lose our mental chatter of "I want this" or "I don't want that.

Of course, this is easier said than done. It starts with the intention to let go of these fears and yearnings and leads you to finding a more conscious, peaceful place for your mind to rest. Then take one step back from your own thoughts, as if your mind were a movie screen, and your thoughts the images of a movie flashing across it. Become the observer of your thoughts, for they are the source, constantly creating the fears and yearnings.

When you are watching a movie, you are often aware that the images are not real, true events. Carry this awareness over as you observe your own thoughts. If you try to suppress your desires, or run from your fears, they get louder. Instead, simply witness your fears and desires as they arise and then get back to the now, not what could happen or what might not, just what actually is right now. The chatter in your mind will become more quiet. Then the stillness and beauty of the present moment can take you to places beyond what you could ever imagine.

Bliss, or extreme peacefulness best describes the feeling of living in the now. The mental energy that was previously being directed toward all the what if scenarios can return to you, replenishing your energy, and freeing you to notice what is good about this very moment you are living right now. Living in the present moment is a great way to learn how to live a more peaceful life.
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