Is Suffering the Main Ingredient in Your Cup

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Many of you are familiar with the scripture "my cup runneth over." These are immortal words and give meaning to abundance in all aspects. Abundance in prosperity, wealth, health, well being, love, giving, friendships, and the list goes on and on.

What many of you are experiencing, as your cup runneth over, is suffering. Suffering from self sabotage, suffering from procrastination, suffering from limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, suffering from failed relationships that continue to show up and repeat like a broken record, suffering from not knowing how to go out of this vicious cycle.

You've come to believe that this slow, sluggish, unfulfilled manifesting of life and desires is how things are suppose to be. You feel like you've been dealt an unfair hand, lied too, cheated on, laid off, abused, overlooked, kicked, abandoned and discarded by life. No matter how hard you work to move up the ladder, you still can't find that break in life.

On the other hand, many others suffer because they believe success is overnight and hard work it not apart of the journey. As many say, "you want to eat your lunch for breakfast," but you haven't paid any dues. You haven't put in work. This fast food, societal way of thinking to acquire riches, prosperity and fame, has clouded your thoughts and actions on how to manifest your desires. You view yourself as one of these characters on TV and strive to be that person, not even having a clue to your own identity.

Kim Kardashian, Snooki, and the Jersey Shore gang have become your role models. Is that your idea of "the life?" You have forgotten that you have the power to create your life as you desire. It's sort of like being a sculpture and the clay represents the many different ways you can shape your life. It's important to get your hands around the clay of your life and mold it as you desire. And like the sculpture, you get better as you mold the clay of your life. You get more clay, different color clay, and in time, create your master piece. Instead of your reacting to events, you create them.

Here's the story of 2 young men in the same profession. Both men of equal ability and educated. Both men are loan officers in the same shop, receiving leads. One man does exceptionally well in his profession while the other man struggles. What is the difference between these two men? Action and attitude.

The man who struggled as a loan officer complained that the leads weren't as good. "If I just had better leads I could make more money." He couldn't find anything positive about the situation. He blamed everything outside of himself for not having the results he desired.

The man that prospered as a loan officer, was grateful and excited to receive the leads. His happiness opened doors for more opportunities, which resulted in more business and money. His attitude and actions were the determining factors in the results of his life.

If your cup is overflowing with blame, guilt from the past, thoughts of unworthiness, shame, resentment, and hate, that's what you are attracting into your life. "The universe makes no distinction between the vibration that you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration that you offer in response to what you are imagining." Abraham Hicks In other words, the reason your life hasn't changed is because your thoughts, words and actions about your life haven't changed.

Feelings of betrayal continue to crush you under the weight of failed relationships, loneliness and depression. You have to get your head out of the sand and decide to move forward, even if you don't know the next step. So what you make mistakes. It's part of the growing process. So, instead, let's consider mistakes' adjustments; move forward and make adjustments until you get the desired result.

The inner game, what goes in your cup, is much more important than the outer game of words and actions. Hence, the importance of being clear about what you want and taking action to get it. "What comes out of the cup is for you, what's in the cup is mine to give." Iyanla Vanzant

A mentor or coach can aid you and can be very instrumental in a personal or professional breakthrough, overcoming fears and doubts, stepping outside of your comfort zone to receive your wants and desires. A coach can provide experience and intuition about events and circumstances to enhance your vision and provide the results you are after. A coach can also assist you in finding self-love, acceptance, your life purpose and develop a strategic plan on how to accomplish your goals.

Seek out a professional, mentor or coach to assist you in discovering your highest version of you. Knowing you are on the right track and experiencing advanced results by having someone take you by the hand and show you what to do from A to Z, can be a big help. Open your heart to the abundance in nature and love and practice. Life has its ups and downs. As you become aware of your feelings, actively create your experience from a place of love and increase, you'll be apart of the natural flow of life.
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