Ten Ways to Beat the Sunday Blues

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1 Exercise Go for a walk in the park or do some aerobics at home.
There is a great way to kick start your week and remain vitalized.
2 Sing in the shower: As the water trickles down your neck, belt out your favorite tune.
Make sure the water is cold-it gives your lungs more power and lifts your spirits.
3 Eat your favorite food: Have a chocolate bar and top it off with dry fruits smothered in deep, dark chocolate.
4 Wear your clothes: Wear the clothes you like most and don't forget the make-up and that groovy hairdo.
Instead of dull, drab colors go for red, yellow, neon green...
and brighten up your day.
5 Stay calm while driving to work: Don't let traffic blues spoil your day.
If somebody wants to overtake you, allow them to.
6 Share your problems:A problem shared is a problem halved.
Share all your problems with your friends, even if it means you are left with nothing for yourself.
Better to be selfless than selfish.
7 Be Positive: Reflect on all the good things that have happened in your life and be grateful for the things you have.
8 Keep smiling; Sooner or later, those marketing guys from a toothpaste manufacturing company will notice your sparkling smile and probably rope you in to feature in one of their ads.
9 Watch your-favorite soap: After working all day, when you reach home, make yourself a cup of coffee, then put your feet up and watch your favorite soap.
10 Be patient: Patience is virtue.
Just acknowledge that better days are coming.
Anyway its only four days to yet another exciting weekend.
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