EmoTrance and Anxiety

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EmoTrance is a relatively new method.
It is based on the energy work, it is energy psychology and it really works, in most cases even very quickly.
Imagine that you are willing to resolve your anxiety problem with the aid of this method.
This is used by an already a growing number of practitioners who do their work all over the globe.
You get in touch with a practitioner who will let you feel immediately a good energy.
You will explain that you suffer from anxiety and how this manifests.
Then you will work on this issue together with the practitioner.
He/she will explain to you that your anxiety can be seen as a bubble.
You will get pieces of the bubble "served" to you by the practitioner.
You will feel where the energy you want to get rid of, passes through your body.
You will give a value to the anxiety and the energy you feel passing through your body, 10 being the maximum and 0 when you don't feel the anxiety anymore.
You will be surprised where the parts of this bubble will appear.
In a case we recently solved and where the problem was not an anxiety but the dislike, and even worse, of a certain food, the pieces of the bubble passed through the throat, through an arm and also through a leg.
The energy liberated by the patient when prompted to tell the practitioner where she could feel it, took a lot of different ways to leave the body and the mind of the patient.
Every time a piece of the bubble dissolves, the patient feels a sense of liberation.
They get free.
The bubble is usually divided into many parts so that the patient does not suffer but gets calmer and calmer.
Once the anxiety or whatever the problem of the person to be treated is gone, the practitioner still speaks to the patient to make sure that the problem has really completely be solved.
Sometimes, the person to be treated tells the counselor that he/she feels fine but suddenly there is still a remainder that pops up.
Just for this reason, the treatment usually does not finish with one bubble.
What comes up after the first bubble will be treated in the same way.
The bubble will be served in small pieces until the patient is really completely free from the sufferance.
The beauty of this approach is that you can solve your problem in one session.
It usually does not take more than an hour or so.
Then your anxiety will have gone for good.
Maybe you had suffered for many years but once you decide to really liberate yourself, it can be done quite quickly.
Nowadays there are practitioners all over the globe.
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