Thinking Big - Three Characteristics Of A Big Thinker

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Have you wondered exactly how high your hopes and dreams are? In many cases the average person tends to sell themselves short on their dreams.
They do not shoot high enough to allow smaller dreams and goals to carry them to a higher level.
Some may think that lots of words and phrases are a sign of a big thinker.
One thing to remember is that the size of your vocabulary is not as important as what effect those words have on yours or someone else's thinking.
There are several characteristics of big thinkers.
These are three characteristics to keep in mind and get you started in expanding your thinking.
Big Thinkers create positive pictures in their minds and the minds of others.
Words create mind pictures.
Big, positive and cheerful words will paint an amazingly bright and positive for anyone to include yourself.
Use bright and cheerful complimenting words to describe other people.
Big Thinkers make a habit of see things as they can be and not as they are.
This kind of thinking adds value.
Don't get in the habit of being stuck in the present.
If you will see the best then it will be the best.
Use positive word to outline plans and build castles instead of trenches.
Big Thinkers do not let what they may not have be an obstacle.
If you see yourself as a nobody, that is what you will stay.
Seeing yourself as a somebody will add to you, value and soon you will feel bigger as well as think bigger.
Make it a habit to add value to everything you think and say.
Always use personal compliments when addressing others.
Praise is always a successful tool when adding value to another person.
A big thinker will consider themselves as the member of a team reaching for a common goal.
When you keep these things in mind then you are on your way to expanding the height and size of your thinking.
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