How to Be Happy More Often

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Let's start with the cold, hard, truth.
YOU are the reason you are unhappy, but it's not really your fault.
You have been programmed, since birth, to see more negative than positive.
You have been taught, at a very deep level, that life can not be good, that bad things happen to good people, and worst of all, that there's nothing you can do about it.
But the glorious fact of the matter is, if you choose to do so, and take some simple, fun steps, you can see only the good in life, you can know that good things happen all the time to everyone, and that you can change your life in an instant, almost like magic.
The first thing you need to know is that in order to change things, whether it relates to work, relationships, money, or life in general, you have to change your perceptions.
This sounds incredibly difficult, but it is so easy, that after a while, it becomes fun.
But let's take a little break for some science...
don't groan, this is exciting stuff.
Let's take a look at your RAS, or Reticular Activating System.
That's a big, fancy term for a part of the brain, located in the brain stem that controls waking functions, and has been noticed to become more active, the more alert and aware one is.
The "New Thought" and "PMA(Positive Mental Attitude)" groups have extended a theory that says that this part of your brain actually filters the information that passes you conscious brain and makes it into your subconscious.
The classic example.
You decide to buy a new car, you do all your research and decide on a white mustang(Hey, this is about getting the life of your dreams).
Suddenly, every other car you see is a white mustang.
This is because, though those cars have been around before, your "Brain Bouncer" didn't figure those cars were important enough to let into Club Brain, but suddenly, your conscious brain tells that bouncer, played by your RAS that white mustangs are important, suddenly, every one of those cars gets into your subconscious and, though you saw them before, you notice them now.
Now that you know about the RAS, let's learn to make it a tool for getting what you want out of life.
This is done with a _________simple steps.
  1. Pick Something You Want-This is the most funnest thing eeevvvar as my teenage cousin says.
    Basically, pick something you want in your life, something you want to change.
    In this economy, I think money is a common desire, so we'll use that as our example.
    Pick something pretty specific, so in this case, I want $250,000 in my bank account.
    Now a lot of people say you need to pick a time line, but I find this to be difficult, as different needs can take different times, if we were using relationships as our example, after taking the steps, you could meet the perfect partner the next day, or 6 months down the road, and putting a time limit on that can be more detrimental.
    But for money, it does work, so I want my quarter of a million dollars by my next birthday, in May of 2011, as of this writing it is September of 2010.
    So we have what self-help guru to the gurus, Napoleon Hill, called a "Definite Major Purpose"
  2. Start flooding your brain with the RIGHT information.
    This is my favorite part, by daydreaming, reading, listening to CDs, and even watching TV.
    You need three types of information put in to your subconscious.
    Technical-the how to on what you want to accomplish, in this case, books and audiobooks about how to make money.
    Inspirational-For our example, I would read books about what it's like to be rich, maybe autobiographies by wealthy people like Donald Trump and Sam Wyly.
    And the big one, Philosophical-books like "The Science of Getting Rich" and "Think and Grow Rich" which point to the right thought processes to have to achieve your goal.
  3. The final step, and the one so many forget, take ACTION!!! You can read all the books you want on investing in the stock market or real estate, or starting your own business, but if you don't take the steps, like investing real money, or starting you brilliant business idea, you will never, and I repeat, NEVER, achieve your goal.
    What action do you take on a goal that isn't financial, say you're a single guy and you want to meet someone special? How about asking someone out, setting up a profile on a dating site, or even asking a friend to introduce you to someone.
    There is always an action you can take, and with the RAS reprogrammed to let in all the info to help you achieve your goal, the actions you will come up with will be innumerable.
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