It"s All About the Benjamins!

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What is your passion? Do you want or desire more money? Have you ever played the lottery with the hope of winning BIG! Firing your job and traveling the world.
Dispersing some of your winnings to charity.
Buying your dream home, yacht, luxury car...
STOP! Do you know they're millions of people just like you having the same thought and focus? They are thinking of hitting it BIG! Some people have patent pending inventions in which they spend most of their lives wrapped in hope and inner perseverance.
The Benjamins have taken hold of our lives! We are fixated on money.
Everything is centered on this silent distraction of our souls.
Money has taken a new position in our lives and culture.
It has birth this New Age of Deception! An age of greed and wanting avarice.
The Benjamins have now decided our fate and have blindfolded our thoughts and tricked our imaginings into believing that it is OK to think about money.
It is OK to glorify greed and praise a heart that is filled with negative want.
America was founded on the principle of human dignity and respect.
We have forgotten our true role of putting people first.
The Benjamin Franklins are now running America! The crossroad of our survival is at hand.
The definition of prosperity has shifted and fear of the unknown has now beginning to engulf into the hearts of many.
The Benjamins are presently smiling and eventually they will laugh at us because we are addicted to have more of them.
Like a band of drunken sailors we are spending away our birth right.
Leaving nothing for our children's children.
They will inherit a bankrupt existence based on our folly, greed and present ignorance! We cannot spend our way out of debt.
This is not a practical solution for our future survival.
Everyone need to be awaken from the drunken stupor of false thinking.
The government is not the solution, nor is it the problem.
We the people need to realize that it is up to all of us to control the Benjamin Franklins and take back what is rightly ours! So that our lives can be free from the clutches of greed.
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